#Throwback Thursday: Aerosmith – “Mama Kin”

I maybe be a little too excited to see my all time favorite band in for their Vegas Residency: Deuces Are Wild! Seeing Aerosmith perform this on Fallon has me pumped! It’s such an underrated song. Fast paced fun and raw!


New Music Monday 9/10/18: Hozier – “Nina Cried Power”

Oh man there were TOO many options to choose from this weekend. Gavin James, has an upbeat fun song, Lukas Graham is back with some singer/songwriter acoustic vibes, Dua Lipa teamed up with Diplo & Mark Ronson, Alice Merton, Jonas Blue collaborated with MK, MNEK’s Body is fun, Sigala’s song is a Friday anthem…BUT I’m choosing:

Hozier (Featuring MAVIS FUCKING STAPLES!!!)- Nina Cried Power. It’s Hozier’s first single since 2014 (way too long if you ask me).

There’s so much uptempo soul in this song. We got a taste of that in Angels Of Small Death on his first album, and now we have Nina Cried Power, which fucking rocks! His voice is still super deep and amazing which is good to know he hasn’t changed his iconic sound (which sometimes happens after a new artist’s first album – I’m looking at you Fitz & The Tantrums).

Oh and did I mention Legend Mavis Staples is on it? in the chorus and outro? How amazing does she sound on this song? The song is fantastic without her, but then you get to her verse and it just blows you away. She takes the song to an entire new level.  Definitely listen to the entire song.

New Music Monday: The Kooks – Kids

One of my favorites, The Kooks are back with another album! I might need to do an entire in-depth article about their discography but for now here’s the title track from their album released this past Friday. While this isn’t their best album, there’s some really fun songs that sound like they belong on the Kooks’ first album Inside In/Inside Out. This album reminds me a lot of Junk of The Heart in that only about half the album is solid, which unlike Inside In/Inside Out, Konk and Listen, had an entire album full of great songs with very few “ehh” songs.

If you don’t have time to sit through the entire album. here’s the list of Good Songs on the Album:

I love this band so much all of those songs might make my end of the year Top 100 List…

But this article is here to talk about the song Kids – which is a ton of fun. I could definitely see them opening their sets with it. Very energetic, uplifting, it rocks and it gets the crowd involved right away. The references to The Who (“The Kids Are Not Alright”) and the lyric “I’m not trying to be what you want me to be” sounds like it was written right after listening to Quadrophenia. Wait for the drum breakdown with the background vocals singing – best part of the song.  It’s so much fun. It rocksLove love love.

Live Music: Anderson East @ The Sierra Nevada Brewery

Saw Anderson East last night at The Big Room at the Sierra Nevada Brewery in Chico, CA. Really cool experience to see a show at a brewery. Been a HUGE fan of Anderson East for a while and he’s been a bucket list guy for me. He has this folky, bluesy sound that I can only describe as modern oldies. It’s church music for me. It’s good old fashion hand-clappin, foot-stompin, heavy prevalence on the horn, modern blues.

The start of the show was really interesting. He didn’t come out high-energy like I expected. First song was a down-tempo version of Devil With Me, followed by If You Keep Leaving Me. Two great songs, but slow. If You Keep Leaving Me has some Beatle vibes to it for sure (definitely listen to the whole song, it builds up to an amazing outro). Then he picked it up with my Sorry You’re Sick and Surrender.

Highlight of the show might have been his cover of Sam & Dave’s Hold On I’m Comin‘. All time favorite song. He also covered Stay With Me by The Faces (Another all-time favorite) and Prince’s I Would Die For U

Check out some pictures from the show, and the studio versions of the songs mentioned above.

New Music Monday: Logic – The Return

If I were ever to introduce Logic to somebody, I’d show them this song. Sure 1-800 is his big mainstream hit, but you don’t hear how good his flow can be or what influences him. It’s too much of a pop song to respect him as a rapper.

It wasn’t until I saw his episode of Netflix’s Rapture that I really grew to like and respect the guy. He’s the ONLY guy out here who cares more about preaching positive vibes instead of rap-beefs (a literal lyric in this song). Logic is doing something nobody else has done before: he’s built a career rapping about Peace, Love and Positivity.

For every song about his messed up childhood, there’s a song about some sort of social change. To see where he’s come from and what he’s doing now is amazing. Got a lot of love for him.

His flow is insane in The Return, reminds me of Childish Gambino or Big Sean. The best part might be the Nina Simone Sample…or maybe it’s the La-Di-Da-Di Slick Rick mention in the first verse (which isn’t new as Mark Ronson points out)…Or maybe it’s the reference to Eminem’s Stan (Also not new)Or maybe it’s because he makes a pun out of Robert Dinero, (Also not new…)…Or maybe it’s when he calls out Mumble Rappers in the 3rd verse (he’s joins Eminem in the battle)…Or maybe it’s his mention of Outkast’s So Fresh and So Clean and Wu-Tang’s C.R.E.A.M. and Kanye West’s Heartless in Verse 3…Or maybe it’s the uplifting Chorus backed by more lyrics of peace, love and positivity


For the record I point out that maybe none of the things I love about about this song are “new” or “original” ideas, but that doesn’t matter. A song doesn’t need to be 100% original to be good. I’m a big fan of an artist looking back on history and making these references, showing what their exact influences are. Logic – you will always have my respect.

Shout out to my boy Justin who told me to watch Rapture…great show